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Borderlines/Borderlands (2013) is an installation comprising of three untitled parts. The first, Untitled 1 is a 10' sculpture made from aero-ply, whose two parts morph in and out of the wall at right angles to each other, being both present and not present. Each are inversions of the other shape, they belong together but are anchored apart. The space between them, the artist suggests, is filled with yearning.

Untitled 2 is a super 8 cine projector with its film disconnected. The machine projects only light, whilst the film rattles around the reel, evoking the sensation of disruption and loss. 

Untitled 3 is a Polaroid photograph of the installation, apparently documenting the scene, yet containing the image of the Polaroid that it purports to be. The piece asks questions about the nature of photographic time and the present moment, and the ways in which past and present co-exist.


Borderlines/Borderlands 2013

Borderlines Borderlands Untitled1 no3 fo

Borderlines/Borderlands (Untitled 1) aeroply 2013

Cine projection1.jpg

Borderlines/Borderlands (Untitled 2) super 8 projector and film 2013


Borderlines/Borderlands (Untitled 3) polaroid photograph 2013


Still from cine film Borderlines/Borderlands (Untitled 3) 2013

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